Thinking of Others First

Jim Barnett, interviewed by NBC Bay Area Proud, speaks about his company GLINT and his personal philanthropy through Partners Asia. The Barnetts are the founding investors of Palae Metta, creating a loving home for women and children living with HIV/AIDS in Myanmar. We are deeply honored and grateful to the Barnetts for all of their support and commitment to thinking of others first.

Via NBC Bay Area Proud

2017 Palae Metta Update From Snow:

Thank you so much for your support of Palae Metta where 25 children, three women and two men are currently benefitting and thriving. Each resident’s stay depends on their situation, some stay a few months to recover and others take much longer.

Kids are growing – 18 are of school age and enrolled, a few are too young and three are not physically able to go due to illness or disability. This year, all students grades 1 -10 passed their exams. Two girls in grade 11 were not well enough to sit the exam and will continue with vocational training when they are better. All are learning and growing at their own speed.

Our six staff and two volunteers are very busy with medical treatments, academic training and facilitating life skills programs for residents including: violin lessons, handicrafts, soap making, and gardening.

Income generation and micro-finance are going well providing funding to Palae Metta in 2016 which is now funding pig raising, a turmeric plantation, a grocery store and the seasonal selling of kipper and charcoal; everyone involved gain new skills which they will take with them when they go home.

This year we are happy that seven patients could successfully transfer home to their villages to continue treatment in local hospitals and be with their families.

One of our former patients has finished her nurse aid training, and currently works in a hospital supporting herself and serving others.

The truck continues to take kids to the clinic and we hope to take everyone to Yangon for an outing in December!