Make a Tribute

Why this Fund-Athlon?

To show the people of Burma that we stand with them. And to support the work of the folks on the ground who doing heroic things to serve their communities.

OK…Say More… Living safely right now is not easy for the people of Burma. And serving the needs of the people around you can be both isolating and dangerous.

But Partners Asia is still there supporting local leaders on the ground—even when many other aid organizations have left the country.

Partners Asia forms long-term relationships with local leaders who are doing the hard work to serve their communities. These relationships span decades, and they give an essential sense of hope.

Your support allows things like meals for people in refugee camps, medical supplies, and activities for kids. But you’re also helping cultivate lasting friendships… which are often the difference between having the hope to continue doing what your community needs, or giving up in frustration.

Please join us at a time when showing up for someone else really matters.

I registered… now what?

Now you set your training goals and then get on your bike!

You’ll get:

  • Updates on what’s happening on the ground throughout the month
  • Connections to others in your city who are biking too, and
  • Information about where the picnics and virtual events are happening throughout the world on the weekend of the 16th.


There are lots of options. 

  • You can donate straight-out: HERE
  • You can create your own Facebook Fundraiser by following these easy steps.
  • You can get friends to sponsor your training.
  • You can set a financial goal to get friends to join the Fund-Athlon to meet it.

The picnics are scheduled for the weekend of October 16th. Depending on the COVID situation, many of them may become virtual events.

Yes please! Please please please spread the word. Talk to your friends. Share on Facebook. Do your thing.

And we’d love your help as a volunteer. We will need help coordinating the picnics and making sure all of the logistics are set.  Email us with your interests here: