Other Ways to Give

Employee Gift Match

Ask your employer if they offer matching donation programs for your charitable giving. Some larger businesses and corporations even offer 2:1 matching tripling the impact of your Partners Asia gift!

It’s easy!

  1. Obtain a matching gift form from your company’s Human Resources department. Some companies will match gifts made by spouses or retired personnel.
  2. Send the completed form to:

Partners Asia
436 14th Street, Suite 700
Oakland, CA 94612

We will inform your employer of the amount of the original gift. Your employer will then forward a matching gift to Partners Asia multiplying the value of your generous gift.

Donor Advised Funds

Are you interested in helping to fund local grassroots organizations and up and coming leaders? Do you want your gift to be strategic, supporting an enduring legacy for ethnic minorities, displaced people, women, children, LBGTIs and students? A Donor Advised Fund DAF may be the giving vehicle for you.

Donor Advised Funds are flexible philanthropic vehicles that provide attractive tax and administrative benefits to donors interested in maximizing their giving. DAFs can be used to support Partners Asia’s work and our partners on the ground. DAFs are great for individuals and families seeking active involvement in their philanthropy.

Donor Advised Fund benefits:

  • Flexible
  • Low cost
  • Immediate and maximum tax benefits
  • Administrative convenience
  • Simple record keeping
  • No fund tax filing
  • Privacy
  • Investment options
  • Tax-free growth of invested funds

Below are links to DAFs our donors prefer:

Schwab Charitable


Fidelity Charitable


Gifts of Stock  

Making a donation to Partners Asia in the form of appreciated stocks or securities is more economical than giving cash and make it possible for you to give more. You may own highly appreciated stock purchased years earlier that is paying a modest dividend relative to its market value. If you sell the stock and give the proceeds to Partners Asia, you will have to pay capital gains tax and increase your taxes. If on the other hand, you gift the stock to Partners Asia, you can deduct the full market value of the stock given and avoid capital gains tax.

Please contact us at info@partnersasia.org or call our office at 510-274-2424 for account information.

Gifts by Wire

If sending a gift by wire is more convenient please contact us at info@partnersasia.org or call our office at 510-274-2424 for wire instructions.