By supporting a vast network of local leaders and organizations, we improve the lives of the most vulnerable people in Myanmar and along the borders – even those living in remote and conflict-ridden areas.

Confident Communities

Our partner Meikswe Myanmar works with some of the hardest-to-reach communities in Myanmar: Northern Shan State, Rakkine, Karen and the Moken Islands. In addition, they run three residential programs for women and children living with HIV/AIDS.


Commitment to Local Leadership

Central to our work is a commitment to supporting the development of local leadership. This year our Myanmar Team registered as a local, independent grantmaking organization: Tharthi Myay Foundation (Peaceful Land).


School Day on the Border: Northern Thailand

The fighting hasn’t stopped. Whatever the news may say, there is still gunfire in our villages. We cannot go home. Not yet.” –Krungjaw Learning Center School Director