News Articles

(Reverse chronological order)

Kevin Woods (2019) ‘Rubber out of the ashes: locating Chinese agribusiness investments in ‘armed sovereignties’ in the Myanmar–China borderlands’, Territory, Politics, Governance.

Maggi Quadrini (2018) ‘Burmese Migrant Women at Risk in Thailand’, The Diplomat.

DVB (2018) ‘Burma is source of world’s fourth-largest displaced population: report’, DVB.

Bobby Anderson (2018) ‘Stalemate and Suspicion: An Appraisal of the Myanmar Peace Process’, Tea Circle’s “2018 Year in Review” series.

May Sabe Phyu (2018) ‘Burma continues to brutalize minorities with impunity’, The Washington Post.

Lahpai Seng Raw (2018) ‘Multiculturalism and Social Justice in the Modern Nation-State’, tni.

Human Rights Watch (2018) ‘Hidden Chains Rights and Forced labor in Thailand’, Human Rights Watch.

Irrawaddy Staff (2017) ‘Myanmar Movers and Shakers’, The Irrawaddy.

Rodger Cohen (2017) ‘Myanmar Is Not a Simple Morality Tale’, The New York Times.

David Scott Mathieson (2017) ‘Rakhine crisis killing Suu Kyi’s peace dream’, Asia Times.

The Economist (2017) ‘In dirt-poor Myanmar, smartphones are transforming finance’, The Economist.

Thant Myint-U (2017) ‘Myanmar’s resurgent nationalism shapes new political landscape’, Nikkei Asian Review.

Katie Arnold (2017) ‘The girls being sold into sex work in Myanmar’, Al Jazeera.

Charlotte England (2016) ‘Baby blues: rural Myanmar’s desperate need for family planning services’, The Guardian.

Charlotte England (2016) ‘Myanmar’s transgender people not just chasing rainbows in fight for equality’, The Guardian.

Mary Kay Magistad (2016) ‘Leapfrogging with smartphones, Myanmar joins the world’, PRI. A special report focused on the work of Partners Asia board member Pwint Htun. The report is written by Mary Kay Magistad, who was the NPR reporter in the region during the mass uprising of 1988.

Transnational Institute (2016) ‘No Women, No Peace: Gender Equality, Conflict and Peace in Myanmar’, tni.


(Reverse chronological order)

Academia (2019) A HLP-Rights Based Assessment of Customary Land Dispute Resolution in Eastern Bago Region and Kayin and Shan States.

Oliver Springate-Baginski, tni (2019) ‘There is no Vacant Land’ A primer on defending Myanmar’s customary tenure systems.

Renaud Cachia, Thura Myint Lwin, tni (2019) Methamphetamine use in Myanmar, Thailand, and Southern China: assessing practices, reducing harms.

The Border Consortium (2018) Human Security in South Eastern Myanmar.

United Nations Human Rights Council (2018) Report of Independent International Fact-Finding Mission on Myanmar.

Andrew Selth, PEACEWORKS United States Institute of Peace (2018) Myanmar’s Armed Forces and the Rohingya Crisis.

Central Statistical Organization, Ministry of Planning and Finance of the Republic of Myanmar (2018) Myanmar living conditions survey 2017:  key indicators report.

Kofi A. Annan (2017) Towards a Peaceful and Prosperous Future for the People of Rakhine. Final Report of the Advisory Commission on the Rakhine.

Kyaw Kyaw Min Htut (2017) The Practice of learning among Shan Migrant Workers in Chiang Mai. Critical Perspectives in Regional Integration 07 Thailand in Transition.

Martha Mendoza, Robin McDowell, Margie Mason, Esther Htusan and the Associated Press (2016) Fisherman Slaves: Human Trafficking and the Seafood We Eat. Associated Press.  Winner of the Pulitzer Prize for Social Service and the Goldsmith Prize.

Ta’Ang Women’s Organization (2016) Trained to Torture: Systematic war crimes by the Burma Army in Ta’ang areas of northern Shan State (March 2011 – March 2016).

Asian Human Rights Commission (2015) Land and Law in Myanmar: A Practitioners Perspective.

Ashley South and Kim Jolliffe (UNHCR) (2015) Forced Migration and the Myanmar Peace Process.

EarthRights School Burma (2012) Where the Change Has Yet to Reach: Exposing Ongoing Earth Rights Abuses in Burma (Myanmar).  Excellent stories from ERI alumni charting the situation in their own communities.

Mary B. Anderson, Dayna Brown, and Isabella Jean (CDA Collaborative) (2012) Time to Listen: Hearing People on the Receiving End of International Aid.

Asia Foundation Reports

(Reverse chronological order)

Adam Burke, Nicola Williams, Patrick Barron, Kim Jolliffe, Thomas Carr (2017) (The Asia Foundation) The Contested Areas of Myanmar.

Bill Davis and Kim Jolliffe (2016) (The Asia Foundation), Achieving Health Equity in Contested Areas of Southeast Myanmar.

Paul Minoletti (2014) (The Asia Foundation), Women’s Participation in the Subnational Governance of Myanmar.


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Children Not in School


Group for Children

Presuming Competence:  Among All Children in Thailand and Myanmar

Understanding the Challenges of Disability in Myanmar