We Get A Lot of Questions.

Is Partners Asia still around? Are you still working in Southeast Asia?
Is your approach still relevant?

The Answers are: Yes, Yes, and More than ever before….

What exactly does that mean?

As a US-based non-profit during these incredibly turbulent times, our role is to channel resources to those who know the most about what’s happening on the ground: trusted local leaders and grassroots organizations. We do not decide which needs are most pressing for communities on the other side of the world.

But, during our 20 years of experience in the region, we have cultivated relationships with remarkable individuals and groups. We offer the technical support and funding necessary for these remarkable people to implement their visions of equality, inclusivity and dignity for all.

How Deep Does This Commitment Run?

Partners Asia is committed to supporting these communities no matter what challenges they face. This has included the deadliest wave of the COVID-19 pandemic so far, which has seen a surge of infections and deaths across Southeast Asia. Amidst this crisis, vaccination rollout has been slow, schools are closed, and jobs among the working class have been lost on a massive scale.

Those hit hardest by these conditions are those who were already the most vulnerable: women, ethnic minorities and migrant workers whose safety nets are largely formed by the networks our partners created.

What Does Direct, Flexible Support Mean for Women, Ethnic Minorities and Migrant Workers?

With direct, flexible support, these partners have offered:

  • Healthcare, PPE materials, food, and shelter to vulnerable populations (women, people living in rural areas, and the very poor)
  • Education (reimagined in COVID times) for marginalized children and teens (ethnic minorities and refugees) who might otherwise be left behind
  • Continued promotion of people’s right to a better, brighter future.

Our approach has always been to give our partners the resources necessary to lead in a crisis. These starkly challenging times have not changed the way we work… they have reinforced it.

Please stand with us now, so together we can all we stand with them.