Pawsansoe Bree

Grants Manager, Thailand

Pawsansoe Bree, or Paw, is a Karen ethnic born in Myanmar. She moved to No Po refugee camp in Thailand, where she lived for 13 years, before resettling in New York in 2008.  She was awarded a Jack Kent Cooke Scholarship and graduated with a BA from Hartwick College and MA from Webster University in international relations focused on refugee studies. She studied abroad in 9 countries and her favorite program was with School for International Training’s (SIT School) Human Rights program in Chile, Jordan and Nepal where she met stateless and refugee communities. She knew then that the refugee issue is global, and she followed her passion and joined the U.S. Peace Corps in Morocco.

Through her experience, she learned that supporting locally based communities is one of the most important roles in international development. She hopes that through Partners Asia she can be a stronger bridge to build equal relationships, collaboration and communication between local based communities and the world.