International guidance from a local perspective

Most grant-making organizations like Partners Asia do their work by consulting with a Board of Directors throughout the year, and we have an excellent one.

But we also have something that most organizations don’t—an Advisory Council (AC) giving guidance and insight from a local perspective.

The AC is made up of six established local human rights leaders, representing communities that include migrant workers, ethnic minorities, youth activists, and more.

They meet annually as a group, and they remain in close contact with Partners Asia throughout the year. In this role, the AC members do two things that are invaluable:

  • They advise our Board and staff on our organizational strategy and how to work in contexts that they know best. This is one way we ensure that our work advances local initiatives and visions, rather than interfering with them.
  • They mentor the next generation of leaders in the region. They select individuals and build their skills and confidence with the aim of increasing their credibility and influence.

Through site visits and workshops, the AC members can also engage with other organizations in the Partners Asia network. This has created opportunities to forge new partnerships and alliances.

It also means AC members are in a position to stand with and empower less experienced leaders during times of crisis and emergency.

By being a member of this council, these leaders have a new avenue to pay their expertise forward to others who need and value it most.

We are happy to say that this includes us.