Patty Curran

Executive Director

With a commitment spanning over 30 years, Patty has dedicated her professional efforts to empowering, encouraging, and resourcing local leaders who foster positive change in Southeast Asia. Her approach is built upon a foundation of trust, providing flexible support to community organizers, social innovators, and human rights defenders.

Patty’s experience of living in Asia for over 25 years, including Nepal, Cambodia, and Myanmar/Burma, has shaped her work in reshaping power dynamics within the public and private sectors, as well as civil society. Her roles have included managing international aid efforts, directing sustainability initiatives for a major international mobile operator, and overseeing regional operations for a foundation promoting accountability of international actors to local communities.

At the core of Patty’s work lies a consistent focus on institutionalizing accountability and resourcing marginalized groups that are led by leaders they trust. She strives to ensure collective participation in decision-making processes. Fluent in Khmer and possessing basic proficiency in Burmese, Thai, and Nepalese, Patty thoroughly enjoys navigating diverse cultural landscapes, fostering meaningful collaborations, and fueling hope.