Pawsansoe Bree

Partnership Lead, Thailand

Pawsansoe Bree, or Paw, is a Karen ethnic born in Myanmar/Burma. Like many, conflict in led her family to the No Po refugee camp in Thailand, where she resided for 13 years. Eventually, in 2008, she resettled in New York.

Paw’s dedication to her academic pursuits and her passion for making a difference earned her a Jack Kent Cook Scholarship, paving the way for her to attain a Bachelor’s degree from Hartwick College and a Masters degree from Webster University, both in international relations with a specialized focus on refugee studies.

Venturing across borders, Paw engaged in enriching educational experiences in 9 different countries, among her favorites: the Human Rights program offered by the School for International Training (SIT School). This unique program took her to Chile, Jordan, and Nepal, where she interacted with stateless and refugee communities. This exposure solidified her understanding that the refugee issue transcends geographical boundaries, prompting Paw to channel her commitment into tangible action. This led her to the US Peace Corps, where she served in Morocco.

Through her diverse experiences, Paw grasped the profound significance of bolstering communities rooted in local contexts as a cornerstone for social change. Fueled by this insight, she is determined to play a pivotal role in the Partners Asia team, fostering stronger connections between local communities and the global stage. Her goal is to cultivate relationships founded on equity, collaboration, and effective communication.  

Paw is fluent in Po Karen, Thai, Arabic, and English and is currently determined to tackle Italian.