Pornpimol Chaiboon

Grants Administrator

For almost three decades, Pornpimol, or Eed, has devoted herself to the well-being of refugees, migrants, and rural communities across Thailand and the broader Mekong Region. She has held diverse roles for international organizations including Country Director, Regional Program Officer, Thailand Tsunami Coordinator, Regional Program Assistant, and a Senior Advisor. Throughout her career, Eed has traversed numerous developing countries across Asia and Africa: journeys marked by a relentless quest for service.

Eed’s contribution to Partners Asia centers on accompanying partners, nurturing leadership, financial, and administrative skills. She draws inspiration from the collaborative approach adopted by the Partners Asia team and the close relationships forged with local leaders and their communities dedicated to improving quality of life and increasing ability to advocate for their rights despite their exclusion from many government services and protections. Eed is fluent in Thai and English.