Yingcharm Khampan

Yingcharm, or Ying, was born in Mong Pan, southern Shan State where she lived until her parents migrated to Thailand for work when she was 12 years old. A determined student, she managed to become fluent in Thai language in order to continue her education but simultaneously, she worked in order to contribute to her family and surrounding community. Ying ultimately earned her Bachelor’s degree in public health administration from Rajabhat University in Chiang Mai and is nearing completion of her Master’s in public health administration. The newest member of the PA team, Ying slipped right into her role having served nascent and growing community groups and networks dedicated to increasing opportunities for women, girls, and others who face injustice and exclusion. This follows on a career of work with local organizations and networks focused on the advancement of women and girls.

Ying is fluent in her native Shan, and also Thai, Burmese, and English.