Even if you are skilled, well-organized, and have a product or service people want, your enterprise is limited without a way to transfer money, access loans, and get market information.

This is doubly true for people working without citizenship or living in remote areas.

Our partners working on financial inclusion understand this. And they are using technology in innovative ways.

Financial inclusion is a new category for Partners Asia, so here is one of our first featured partners:

Mobilizing Myanmar

Imagine a woman farmer using her smartphone to learn to build a solar dehydrator so she can dry strawberries and sell them off-season (instead of letting her excess crops rot).

Imagine a woman migrant worker using her smartphone to digitally send money back her village instead of carrying cash on her body (making her a target for robbery).

Imagine a woman vegetable peddler quietly saving a few kyat every day in her digital wallet (instead of forfeiting her hard-earned cash to male relatives who want alcohol).